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We have Elling boats, catamarans and Fasten boat accessories in our assortment! If you have any questions the please feel free to call us at  +31 6 11 33 06 97 or send us an email at info@otterboat.nl


Our current offers!

1. Otter Boat has a constant offer where you could recieve a 5% discount on the entire purchase if acquire €200 worth of Fasten boat accessoires. 

2. From the 18/10/2018 to the 26/11/2018 you could get a discount at Otter Boat! We offer 10% discount on all the boats and catamarans. This discount can be coupled with the discount above (point 1)! Thereby you could get a total of 15% discount on your boat! 



We deliver purchases from €200 for free within the Netherlands! 

  • Kardinal 370
    Kardinal 370

    The Kardinal series motor boats are a perfect fit for water/ aqua tourism, going down narrow streams and fishing. This boat is effectively a hybrid between a boat and a kayak. At the rear of the boat is a board where you could…

    € 1.049,00
  • Pilot 340
    Pilot 340

    The Pilot 340 is a perfect fit for people who would like to be on the water for a long time. Due to its design, the P340 sits deeper in the water and therefore; (1) is not as prone to vibrations and swaying and (2) cuts the wave…

    € 800,00
  • Patriot 310
    Patriot 310

    The Patriot series of boats is very light for its class. It weighs 40kg, which include the boat itself, an inflatable keel and the foldable floor. The keel makes the boat very manoeuvrable and stable when going at high speeds.The…

    € 509,00
  • Forsage 330
    Forsage 330

    The Forsage boat is a light, 3 meter boat that is equipped with a foldable floor. The boat and the foldable floor have a combined weight of 44kg. This boat does not have a keel. Instead, it has a flat under side.

    The maximum load…

    € 530,00
  • Navigator 300
    Navigator 300

    The Navigator 300 is a 3 meter boat that weighs 26 kilo. This is a great boat for someone who is starting their water sports adventure, as this is one of the most basic boats in terms of design. It could be used for tours on the…

    € 420,00
  • Belly boat 152
    Belly boat 152

    This size is availale only in grey.

    € 380,00
  • Catamaran green
    Catamaran green
    € 980,00

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