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The Kardinal series motor boats are a perfect fit for water/ aqua tourism, going down narrow streams and fishing. This boat is effectively a hybrid between a boat and a kayak. At the rear of the boat is a board where you could install an off board motor (electric or diesel).

This series of boats has a ‘V’ shaped bottom that is due to an inflatable keel. This keel allows for stability during the turns. Due to the keel, the boat quickly begins to hydroplane and stays on course. Furthermore, due to its design, the Kardinal boats lay a little deeper in the water, which decreases the sway of the boat when it is idle. 

Additionally, due to the boats design you could install a motor on the backboard of the boat!

We also supply FASTen mounts that can be glued onto the boat. With these mounts, you can customise the boat to your needs by attaching a bar, an anchor holder or any of the other accessories!

Specification Description
Boat model K370
Length (cm) 370
Width (cm) 105
Diameter of the floats (cm) 32
PVC thickness (g/m2) 950
Floor type AirDeck
Length of the paddles (cm) 240
Number of air compartments 3+2 (AirDeck + Keel)
Maximum number of passenges 2
Maximum loading capacity (kg) 300
Height of motor board (cm) 38.1
Maximum engine power (hp) 6
Maximum motor weight 27
Weight of the boat 27
Size of the carrying bag 120 x 28 x 54
Boat category D

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