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The Pilot 340 is a perfect fit for people who would like to be on the water for a long time. Due to its design, the P340 sits deeper in the water and therefore; (1) is not as prone to vibrations and swaying and (2) cuts the wave better when it is moving forward.

The material of the pontoons of the P340 is made of a 5 layers of PVC.

Although the boat is slightly heavier than other options (58 kg including the foldable book floor), it has a solid floor that is more comfortable than slated flooring.

The foldable floor has an anti-slip layer. For internal strength, there are rubber slips alongside the inner bottom of the boat. Furthermore, on the outside of the boat we glued an anti-splash fender.

The seats can be adjusted to your needs. Simply place them where you would like them to be along the rubber slip. The Pilot 340 holds up to 4 passengers.

The assembly of this boat takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Specification Description
Boat model Pilot 340
Length (cm) 340
Width (cm) 155
Diameter of the floats (cm) 40
PVC thickness (g/m2) 950
Floor type Foldable flooring
Length of the paddles (cm) 160
Number of air compartments 3+1 (AirDeck)
Maximum number of passenges 4
Maximum loading capacity (kg) 500
Height of motor board (cm) 38.1
Maximum engine power (hp) 15
Maximum motor weight 52
Weight of the boat 58
Size of the carrying bag 130 x 28 x 60
Boat category C

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